Best DIY Decorations For Christmas

DIY decorations are the trend nowadays where you expenses are higher than your income. It is also a great way reduce stress by concentrating on something else and to get your family involved in one activity. It will also allow you to run free with your designer mind and enjoy decorating your house with something that you want. If you plan on going for DIY decorations this Christmas, then you should start ahead to make sure you have enough for the party.

Flowering bulbs in pots

Depending on the color of your walls you can either match or contrast the paint with some flowering bulbs that grow on DIY pots of your making. Amaryllis are a great sight, and even though common, that will give an au natural look to your rooms. The pots you will have to make to (like digging up birch bark to put the soil in), or go for a bamboo aspect. The planting should be done in the summer so that by the time of Christmas you will have the blooms. You can accompany the blooms with some perfect artificial snow covered pine cones.

Wine bottles repurposed

If you have a ton of empty wine bottles lying around, then you have them working as Christmas decorations during that time of the year. You can put some ribbons on it and have them work as candle holders (take off the labels or put silver/gold wrappers on them), or paint them with gold/ silver and add winter effects on them and et cetera. Wine bottles remain a major inspiration for decorations and you can add your own designer ideas onto them.

Coffee table decorating

If you are tired of having the same gnomes and the sweets on your coffee table then go for a more urban and simple look with having a white plain glass tray with white candles and some peppermint puffs. The simplistic nature would look great on any table and would attract attention. This is a great way to decorate your tables without having to bend in two to get the decorations themselves as well. But if you want something more, then you can grab a tall glass vase and put in candy layers that are color coded (go for the Christmas theme are add a row of green Hershey’s kisses, then red followed by a layer of peppermint candies and silver Hershey kisses).

If you do not have the time or the energy to go for extravagant decorations, then make some family time to get the kids and spouse to help you out. If not, then the simple decorations that are eye catching would do the work for you. Keep in mind that you will need to follow one theme and not mesh together several of them.