How To Get The Most From Outdoor Catering?


If you have a lovely garden in your home and wish to have an event hosted, you could always opt to get it done outdoors. If the weather is ideal, such as autumn, winter or spring days, it would be a wonderful idea to host a party outdoors. Many hotels also offer manicured lawns and terraces for outdoor parties. Once you have decided on the venue, all you need to decide on the catering service you will use.

Choosing a catering service

When you have a built in bbq in Australia and wish to have a party outdoors, there are ways a catering service can make it hassle free for you. In case you are booking a venue like a banquet or a hotel facility, usually these venues have their dedicated catering services. For other venues you might want to look up catering companies in your city. There are many catering companies these days and most offer versatile services.

Choosing the right menu

When it comes to outdoor catering, the kind of menu you choose would differ from what is usually served indoors. If you have a built in bbq and plan to use it, your party menu will depend on barbequed food items mainly. These could be grilled vegetables as well as skewered prawns, other seafood and meat. You would probably have an assortment of breads and side dishes like pasta and salads to complete the menu. If you hire the services of an outdoor catering service they will be able to offer you choices in outdoor bbq menu. 

Getting party setup

For an outdoor event you will need tables and chairs, tablecloths, napkins and cutleries among other accessories to complete the setup. Most catering companies have tie ups with rental services for party gear. As a result, they will provide the necessary setup at a nominal fee. You could even choose the table and chair arrangements, the colors and finishes on table décor which are services included by an outdoor catering specialist.

Service and cleanup

When you are employing an outdoor catering service, you can expect them to take charge of serving the food and drinks to people. There would be chairs set up as well as temporary freezing units brought in for chilling food items or drinks. Most outdoor catering services will bring along the glassware and dishes on which different items would be served or laid out as part of a buffet layout. A professional catering service will clean up after serving and will ensure that the excess food item is stocked up in your fridge and accounted for before the final bill is handed over. With a professional service one can experience peace of mind and excellent catering service.