How To Refurbish Your Office?

Your boss has suddenly decided that he wants to refurbish his office before the end of the year. Your boss is in the habit of taking sudden decisions so you are not surprised to hear such a thing. But you are definitely caught off guard when your boss tells you that you have to supervise the entire refurbishing at the office. Your boss has a smile on his face when he sees the horrified look on your face but tells you that he will reduce your work-loads in the office until the refurbishing job is complete.

Reasonable quotation

So you call up a reputed company that undertakes refurbishing jobs and ask them to check out the office. The experts pay a visit to the office and give you a quotation after having checked out the requirements. The professionals tell you that the job can be completed in two months. Your boss is happy with the quotation but not happy with the time frame because he is having a group of foreign clients visiting the following week. You get back to the refurbishing company and they tell you that they can rent washing machine in Brisbane until the job is complete.

Interior design

Your boss is happy with this idea and plans are made to get the job done. The next day the company official arrives with a catalogue and list of prices for the chairs and tables. You are amazed at the reasonable prices quoted on the catalogue with rent lounge furniture and easily affordable rent. Your boss makes his choice and before you know it the products arrive at the office. An official with special knowledge on interior design arrives with the tables and chairs and sets them up in the areas where your boss’s foreign clients will be visiting. By the end of the day the job is complete and the official leaves. Your boss is speechless when he sees the professional and creative way in which the table and chairs have being laid out and tells you that he is very impressed with your work.

From old to new

You are definitely proud of yourself but remember that your main job is yet to be completed. You are regularly in touch with the professionals and as you watch your old office slowly starts turning into a new and modern one. The walls are looking as good as new and the tables, chairs sofas and other products that are brought to refurbish the office are strategically placed in their best locations. You cannot believe what you are seeing after the job is complete and cannot even recognise your old office.