Look Out For These Awesome Products In 2016

2015 was crazy. The mobile industry went berserk with some awesome product introductions that took the world by surprise. If you thought that was it, here comes 2016 with a while new range of world altering products. And the great thing is that, they don’t cost a fortune. The kind of benefits that they provide, they come at fractional costs. Buy them, play with them, make your life better and be happy. Drones- The world took the fancy of drones since early 2000s when they were showcased in some of the sci-fi movies. But whoever thought that these products will become so easily available to the public couple of years down the line. Just when you are thinking picking up a drone is going to be difficult, wholesale drone suppliers are raking bulk orders from all parts of the world. Drones have diverse uses. From use in militia strategies to disaster response and even gaming, drones are great products that are going to hit the market in 2016. Wait, they have actually become bestseller products!

Bluetooth key tag- Keys can be so frustrating. You can’t live without them. Yet they disappear into some never so easily seen place at home just when you have to step out in haste. I losing keys have been one of your regular problems; it is time to put a full stop to it. Bluetooth key tags are available in the market now. You can sync your phone to the tag and find the keys easily in a snap. You can buy these from most wholesale drone suppliers too.

Little things like keys and coffee mugs can make or break our day. Say for example, losing a key can make you pull your heard apart, whereas a warm cup of coffee can live you up too; that is if the coffee doesn’t go cold so easily. Say hello to a self-stirrer coffee mug. Forget your coffee going cold or even losing its blend. This self-stirrer coffee mug will definitely keep your mood and coffee in great taste for long.

Are you a movie buff who watches too many movies in the tiny 5 point something screen of your smartphone? Quit straining your eyes today. Here is an awesome product, called the phone magnifier which will actually magnify the display of your phone to great proportions. Compact and easy to carry this is one of the best things that can happen to you this year. Your smartphone screen of small size can be easily magnified into bigger proportions for better viewing experience of HD IP camera. These are but few of the many inventions that are going to make a steady presence in 2016. Make sure you have at least one of them.