The Benefits Of Using Bamboo And Sugarcane Tissue Paper

There are a lot of choices when it comes to tissue papers. We have to choose carefully because some of our skins are very sensitive and cannot handle much. Most importantly when it comes to toilet paper, you have to be even more careful. From sugar cane toilet paper to virgin pulp toilet paper, it all has to be chosen carefully. Many toilet papers tend to break easily and this can sometimes be frustrating. However, have you ever considered using Caboo? Caboo is a combination of sugar cane and bamboo. This type of toilet paper is not only soft, but it is also strong. 

There are a lot of benefits of Caboo. Following are some reasons Caboo should be used everywhere.

1. Uses fast-growing grasses, not trees

Bamboo and sugarcane are not grasses, but they are hardwoods. Both of them are very popularly known because they grow very fast, and even after they are harvested, they grow back again without even being replanted. Most trees take at least 30 years to grow, but these trees take only three to four months. There are some trees that do not grow back after being harvested. Every day, almost 83 million toilet paper rolls are made from different trees. 

2. Kind on the environment

It is very important to buy eco-friendly toilet paper because it is not only hygienic for the skin, but also for the environment. If you decide to go with Caboo, you can save a lot of rainforests, the wildlife, and water, and make a huge impression on the constant climate changes. Bamboo can even grow in worn-out soil and with less water and give the same output as with fresh soil. Bamboo does not require any fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. The best and most important advantage of Caboo is that, it is made from bamboo types which are not food sources for the pandas.

3. Make use of renewable resources

Sugarcane is pretty much just like Bamboo, with lots of environmental benefits. Our paper is basically made from the “bagasse”; it is the dry rubbery residue that remains after the juice is mined from squashed stalks. Usually bagasse is either burned or disposed of, this means that it is being repurposed rather than being thrown away.

4. The sustainable alternative

If you switch to Caboo paper, then you can adopt a very sustainable and impressive lifestyle. Not only will your cleanliness be admired by everyone, but you will also be safe from different health problems. 

5. Softer and stronger than recycled paper

Recycled toilet paper can be a bit rough on the skin and can be a cause of many skin problems, but Caboo contains many fibers that can produce a much softer experience. Recycled toilet is the exact opposite of Caboo. You need to make sure that your skin is handled by the right kind of tissue paper you can have a bulk recycled toilet paper. You must not take any risks with your skin, so be sure to use Caboo.