The Downfalls Of Modern Technology

There are enough reasons to be happy about modern technology but there are also enough reasons to be sad about it. Modern technology can cause isolation and lack of contact with the people in your daily life causing lack of social skills, increasing the number of antisocial people. While we sit there for hours playing video games, watching videos, talking to our friends, etc. We don’t realise that we’re wasting our precious time which can be used wisely to be productive and that we are being less active which can lead to obesity. Technology has also caused depression problems due to lack of human contact. People loose sleep while they have no track of time while on their devices. The sad part is that this generation gets unhealthier day by day.

How to use the Internet to get things done.

While the youngsters know the A-Z in using new technology, people in their middle ages might have no idea how to get things done. Let’s consider ordering something online. First you have to find a site, then you log into that site from your Internet browser and look into the needed product and order it. You can choose a payment method; you can either pay online by entering your credit card information which is abit risky if its not a trusted site and you can also choose to pay on delivery. That is it, the product you wanted will get delivered to hour doorstep, that wasn’t so hard. When the product you wanted get delivered, the person will write all the needed details such as price details down in their delivery docket books and give the details about the payment to you and they will also be keeping a copy. The next thing to be doing is to celebrate the victory of finally ordering something online. 

Ways to stop your addiction to modern technology

It’s about time you stop your online life and focus on your real life, the best way is to use self control and establish scheduled breaks, where you can stay determined to have a break, I know its hard but its better that looking like you have a broken neck staring into your phone. Leave your phone at home once in a while and focus on other things you can do like go shopping, go for a movie with friends, go camping or fishing and just give a break to all the Internet drama, cause it isn’t healthy at all. Tell yourself that its okay to keep your phone in offline mode sometimes. You won’t realise that you’ve been wasting time tweeting and instagraming until end of time and that is when you’ll regret.

If you’re finding it really hard to stop the addiction, try apps such as freedom which will keep distracting websites away from you and there are certain apps which will block other apps for a time period and there is no getting out of. Have guts to try those apps and get ride of your online life to start relaxing and living.